Alisa presented to the clinic with intense pain in her lower back and hip area that she had been experiencing for nearly a year. A very active mom who runs, does boot camp and rides horses, she had tried rest, ice, heat, over-the-counter medication, prescription muscle relaxers, physical therapy and traditional chiropractic.

Per my evaluation, it appeared to me she was in a position and had muscle patterns consistent to overloading the spine, which can create both muscle pain from prolonged overactivity as well as compression of connective tissues such as the intervertebral disc.

I created a treatment plan to get her out of pain quickly and to change her position and patterns to keep the pain from coming back.

Cooperating with the medical professionals at Pine Lake Health, our first step was a cortisone injection, which was performed together to locate the most accurate area. Following the injection, Alisha felt much better, so we moved onto the next phase of the plan, which included dry needling, Active Release Techniques® and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization exercises. These were carried out over six weeks with visits once per week.

With treatment complete, Alisha is back to all of her activities pain free. She notes that she feels stronger than she did prior to treatment. She also says she is happy to have learned so much about her body — what to do and what not to do in certain scenarios. She is also more confident about being active and staying in shape.




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