Taking an unique approach to Sports Chiropractic care in Lincoln

At LCSM we believe that in order for the body to function optimally it needs to move well. With that being said improper joint motion or dysfunction of a joint can cause the surrounding structures (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia) to lack optimal performance leading to pain and injury. 

Our clinicians use a variety of techniques to perform adjustments, including manual manipulation, instrument-assisted manipulation, and gentle mobilization. The goal of these techniques is to restore proper joint function, therefore reducing pain and inflammation, and improving overall health and wellness. It has been shown that using these non-invasive treatments can decrease the need for medical interventions such as medication and surgery.

How Chiropractic Adjustments Work

The chiropractic adjustment refers to a technique that is designed to put movement in a joint that is fixated. The doctor uses this to help restore normal function and motion in a joint. Through a gentle and quick force, chiropractic adjustments can restore that movement in the joints and increase the neurological input to the body

Although there are many chiropractic adjustment techniques, the most common technique involves a professionally controlled and fast directional thrust manually into the joint. This thrust pushes the joint beyond its current range of motion to resolve the underlying issues. An audible release due to joint cavitation (the release of gas from the sudden decrease in pressure) often follows the manipulation.

This is your headlineHow We Utilize Chiropractic Adjustments in Our Sports Based Model

This is your sub-headlineIn today’s current chiropractic profession after years of development and evolution there can be different subsets of specialties a chiropractor can take. At our clinic we have dedicated ourselves to being experts in the evaluation and treatment of sports type injuries.

This doesn’t mean you have to be an athlete to be treated in our office but what it does mean is that we will use a combination of treatment methods and exercise strategies that encourages active participation in resolving one’s complaints and/or achieving one’s goals. 

We combine our hands-on Chiropractic Adjustments in Lincoln with the following treatment methods to create the most effective treatment plan to get you out of pain and performing at your best.

                Dry Needling                         Active Release Technique (ART)                              Class IV Laser Therapy             

IASTM/Scraping                  Dynamic Neuromusclar Stabilization (DNS)               Cupping Therapy

Common Injuries That May Benefit From Sports Chirorpactic Care

Adjustments can help increase motion and reduce joint and muscular dysfunction—and therefore help you find relief from pain. Some of these pains we treat using Chiropractic Adjustments in Lincoln include:

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