What Is DNS?

The main thing DNS is, is actually what it is NOT. DNS is not merely a technique. In fact, when one really begins to fully understand DNS, it is obvious that it is a complex system that includes:

  • Functional neurology: A health care specialty focused on the assessment, quantification, and rehabilitation of the human nervous system, utilizing sensory and cognitive based therapies, to promote neuroplasticity, integrity, and functional optimization
  • Orthopedics: Medicine dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles
  • Active physical rehabilitation: Exercises
  • Passive modalities: i.e. soft tissue treatment and joint manipulations

Historical Context

Before DNS was DNS, it was simply the approach used by the faculty of the Charles University Hospital’s rehabilitation department in Prague in the Czech Republic. The methods implemented and researched there where decades ahead of other rehabilitation departments around the globe. However, the methods were not shared with the rest of the world due many years of a communist régime and a language barrier. It wasn’t until the communist régime ended in the early 90s that this unbelievable knowledge began making its way into other areas of the world.

Pavel Kolar is given credit for making DNS what it is today as he was able to combine teachings from many brilliant minds around him and add his own research. Kolar doesn’t believe in different specialties such as chiropractors, physical therapists, etc. He believes to help people who need physicial rehabilitation, the professional must be well trained in all areas of rehabilitation and apply the appropriate therapy to each individual case. In the United States, conservative care professionals are required to earn a doctorate in chiropractic or a master’s in physical therapy and then invest hundreds to thousands of more hours and dollars into acquiring additional knowledge, which, sadly, doesn’t happen very often. 


Dr. Tyler Ideus is proud to be an international lead instructor for The Prague School of Rehabilitation, which is constantly evolving the approach as new research is conducted.  With extensive training from The Prague School of Rehabilitation, which is located in a Charles University research medical center in the Czech Republic, Dr. Tyler Ideus has developed a clinical framework that is far different from most rehabilitation centers in the United States. After more than a decade of training, Dr. Ideus was promoted to international lead instructor for The Prague School in 2017. Prior to that, he served as an assistant instructor for two years.

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