Blood Flow Restriction Therapy is exactly what if sounds like - a technique that involves applying a special kind of tourniquet or elastic band wrap on a limb being worked to partially restrict blood flow into that limb while doing low-intensity exercise.  It embraces the concept of working smarter, not harder.  

BFRT helps patients in the recovery process from surgery or injury.  

How Does It Work

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy aims to produce benefits similar to high-intensity exercise, such as strength and muscle gains, without placing too much stress on the limb.  

Strength training changes the environment inside your muscles.  Muscle growth happens through Muscle Trauma (stress them enough to injure the muscle fibers), Oxygen Depletion (less oxygen in your muscle tissues) and Cellular Swelling (more blood comes into your muscles when you exercise).  With BFRT blood still comes into your muscles via your arteries, however, the use of bands blocks it from leaving through your veins.  This restriction of normal blood flow allows your muscles to experience swelling, fatigue and oxygen depletion more quickly.

Clinical Conditions

  •  Reduces Atrophy
  • Promotes Muscle Growth
  • Decreases Pain
  • Improves Tissue Healing
  • Increases Muscle Strength
  • Lessens Chronic Muscle Strain/Guarding
  • Increases Aerobic Capacity
  • Improves Circulation
  • Promotes New Healthier Blood Vessels
  • Enhances Hypertrophy
  • Reduces Deep Vein Thrombosis Risk

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