Cervical Disc Injury

Cervical disc pain and injury is a very common cause of neck pain. There are different levels of severity of disc injury as well as very different levels of pain from minor to severe. Cervical disc injuries can cause pain locally, refer pain into the arms or under the shoulder blade and in severe disc injuries such as herniations cause numbness and weakness into the arm and hand. Disc injuries have different terms to describe them and will often depend on which health care professional you talk to. Common descriptors are bulging, deranged, herniated and/or extruded.

What can cause a cervical disc injury?

· Trauma

· Prolonged poor posture

· Poor lifting technique

· Over stretching the neck

· Muscle imbalance

At LCSM we will perform a careful examination and listen to your history to properly diagnose the issue. Once a diagnosis has been made, we will apply an appropriate treatment plan to resolve the issue and you accomplish your goals.


· McKenzie Therapy

· Muscle Soft Tissue Techniques

· Therapeutic Exercises

· Refer out for prescription medication (in severe cases)