What is Lower Crossed Syndrome

Lower crossed syndrome is a reciprocal pattern of alternating facilitated and inhibited muscles throughout the body. The inhibited musculature in this syndrome consists of the core as well at the gluteal muscles. The facilitated musculature includes the hip flexors and erector spinae. As this syndrome persists for longer periods of time patients could be exposed to low back pain.

Common causes of LCS:

  • Weakened musculature due to sedentary lifestyle
  • Poor movement patterns
  • Improper abdominal wall utilization
  • Conservative care is the most effective treatment for LCS by strengthening the weakened or inhibited musculature, and down regulating chronically facilitated musculature.


-A thorough and detailed evaluation

-Treatment of injured soft tissues (dry needling, A.R.T, class IV laser, IASTM and cupping)

-Restore joint mobility and increase range of motion

-Strengthen and stabilize (DNS and exercise rehabilitation)