What is Muscle Pain/Tightness?

Muscle pain and tightness are probably the most common things we see in our office daily. Probably every human will experience this at some point in their lifetime. Therefor the question becomes how severe and how often is one dealing with the issue? Muscle pain that a person gets after doing something out of the ordinary like moving a couch and is sore for a day or two probably isn’t anything to worry about. However, muscle pain and tension that has lasted for weeks and is severe to the point of bruising, causing weakness and or keeping one from doing things like sleeping may warrant and evaluation.

What causes muscle pain and tightness?

· Strains

· Muscle imbalance

· Poor exercise technique

· Poor walking technique

· Poor posture/ergonomics

· Stress

· Overuse

· Balance issues

· Muscle guarding due to joint or bone injury

· Inflammation

At LCSM we will take a thorough history and exam to determine the best plan of action and get to the root cause of muscle pain and tightness.


· Muscle soft tissue techniques

· Joint manipulation/mobilization

· Therapeutic exercise

· Medical referral if necessary

· Referral for functional medicine if necessary