What are Strains and Sprains?

Strains are an injury that can occur to either the tendon or the belly of a particular muscle that can result in pain. This results from an overloading or overstretch moment that can result in a partial tear. Strains are often referred to as pulled muscles. Sprains are an injury that involves an overstretch or tearing of the ligaments surrounding the joint. This can happen when a joint is moved into an unnatural position that exceeds its normal range of motion.

 Symptoms strains:

  • Pain and difficulty in movement of the affected muscle
  • Discoloration and bruising is possible in some cases
  • Swelling

Symptoms Sprains:

  • Pain with movement of the joint
  • Stiffness of the joint
  • Swelling and discoloration


-A thorough and detailed evaluation

-Treatment of injured soft tissues (dry needling, A.R.T, class IV laser, IASTM and cupping)

-Restore joint mobility and increase range of motion

-Strengthen and stabilize (DNS and exercise rehabilitation)