What is Tendonitis/Tendinosis?

Tendonitis in an acute inflammation of the tendon of a muscle commonly caused by a load applied to the muscle. The injury occurs when the load is either too much or occurs rapidly when the muscle is unprepared.  Tendinosis involves a degeneration that is stimulated with chronic overuse. This degeneration of the collagen in the tendon can occur with large heavy repeated movement or small repeat movements such as turning a screwdriver repetitively. This process takes a longer time and is considered a chronic condition.

 Causes Tendonitis:

  • Sudden increased load
  • Load over capacity
  • Poor or inefficient movement patterns

Causes Tendinosis:

  • Chronic overuse
  • Inadequate recovery between movement events
  • Poor or inefficient movement patterns


-A thorough and detailed evaluation

-Treatment of injured soft tissues (dry needling, A.R.T, class IV laser, IASTM and cupping)

-Restore joint mobility and increase range of motion

-Strengthen and stabilize (DNS and exercise rehabilitation)